• $ 75.00

This product is a 19-inch standard aluminum extrusions chassis, the chassis height is 1u [44.45MM], it is fixed and cannot be altered. And the chassis depth can be processed according to customer requirements.
The two sides determine the processed drawings through the solution, and then begin the custom processing. Custom processing also includes the chassis opening, and surface treatment such as sandblasting oxidation, drawing oxidation, coloring, screen printing, and


  • Dimensions: 19 inches [482] (width W) *1U [44.45](height H) * 250(Depth D)mm
  • Material: the top cover, bottom plate and rear panel of the chassis is made of 6063 industrial aluminum alloy sheet
  • Aluminum has the features of light weight, high strength, robust construction, and the cross-section has a high flexural strength.
  • Strong corrosion resistance, the aluminum oxidation layer does not take off, not fade away, not need to spray powder, and it is easy to maintenance.
  • The 19-inch aluminum profile chassis is a generic product, which is adaptive to various industries; such as the instrument electronics industry, electric power, communications, subway engineering, medical equipment, and public address system, etc.

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